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Dr. Dan’s vLog on Disk Issues

Hey everybody I’m Dr. Dan Roach, with Hawk Ridge Family Chiropractic and I wanted to talk about disc issues with you. Now disc problems are a pretty common issue that we see. It can result from improper lifting. It could be something from home or at work, or a lifting issue that you had. We do help with workers’ compensation cases as well, but I wanted to talk about what causes the disc issues, what can result from that, and then how we can help.

First of all, a disc issue usually happens from a lifting injury, but it can be normal wear and tear problems as well. I’ll show you a little model of what’s actually happening (see video above). When that disc that’s in between those bones, the vertebrae, bulges or herniates like this, it’ll put pressure on this part, which is the nerve.

Now when there’s pressure on the nerve, it causes interference a lot like a cell phone. If you’ve got interference of the signal, then the call gets dropped or the text won’t send and that’s going to cause a lot of pain. Usually with these disc injuries like that, it’ll cause pain that will either start in the low back and then can radiate down into the legs. It can be extremely, extremely painful to the point that you can’t even walk. A lot of times what’s recommended is surgery. What we want to do is help people avoid having to go through spinal surgeries for this issue. How we do that is through the adjustment. The adjustment’s going to gently move that disc back to where it’s supposed to be between the bones to take the pressure off of that nerve. As we take the pressure off the nerve, those symptoms start to resolve. This is done without drugs and without surgery.

Chiropractic is a really effective tool whenever we’re helping people with these disc herniation. If you have this or you know, someone that’s dealt with that give our office a call or leave a comment below so we can begin to help your specific case!

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