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Dr. Dan’s vLog on Headaches & Migraines

Hey guys, I’m Dr. Dan Roach with Hawk Ridge Family Chiropractic. Today I wanted to talk to all of you that have been suffering with headaches and migraines. It’s a very common issue that we see in chiropractic, so I wanted to explain to you what is causing this issue.

Now, most of us that have headaches and migraines have tried to mask this problem with Tylenol or Ibuprofen to try to reduce those symptoms, but I wanted to introduce you to the problem here. At the top of the spine, you see there is a little nerve that comes out at the base of the skull. That’s the one that’s causing your problem. I know this because out of thousands of people that we’ve treated with headaches, as soon as we started adjusting that area, their headaches disappear, which is awesome. The reason why is because when the vertebrae and the upper part of the neck here get out of place, it puts pressure on that nerve.

The nerve goes up into the back of the head, around behind the eyes, and it causes that constant pressure, eye pain, it can make light sensitive, even nausea, vomiting, where you have to just lock yourself in a dark room. This is the kind of thing that we help with all the time. Now, the way it works is a lot like a cell phone. If there’s nerve interference such as that nerve, then the call gets dropped or the text won’t send. When we remove that nerve interference by adjusting that part of the spine, then the headaches go away because your body can now communicate and heal itself. Pretty cool.

If you had headaches or Migraines or anybody in your family, or your friends that you know, have them give our office a call or leave a comment below! We can really help them with this issue!

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