Dr. Dans Vlog On Infant Pediatric Adjustments

Dr. Dans Vlog On Infant Pediatric Adjustments

Hey everybody, this is Dr. Dan Roach with Hawk Ridge Family Chiropractic. On this vlog we are going to talk about infant and pediatric adjusting. It’s really important to have your babies and your kids adjusted. I wanted to talk about why.

First of all, I’d say a lot of people think that this is kind of a newer thing, but it’s actually been around for a very long time. Why get your kids and your baby’s adjusted? Well, whenever babies are born, anybody can attest to the amount of trauma that everyone goes through during that process. There’s a lot of pressure on their head and their neck and their spine. As a result, babies wind up with miss alignments as well. Common things that we see as a result of this is gassiness fussiness, spitting up, belly pain, colic, a lot of trouble sleeping, torticollis like when they can’t turn their neck to one side.

These are common things that we see in practice as a result of these misalignments with these babies. I know as a parent myself, it’s a little nerve-wracking taking your baby in to get an adjustment when you might think it looks like a typical adult adjustment, but it’s not the same. We use our fingertips to do the adjustments or a very specific instrument that does that adjustment. It’s very gentle, very safe, and extremely effective. If you’ve ever had a baby or you know someone with a baby, and your baby’s experiencing these things, we want to get you a good night’s sleep.

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