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Dr. Dan’s vLog on Low Back Pain

Hey everybody! I’m Dr. Dan Roach, from Hawk Ridge Family Chiropractic. I want to talk about low back pain today. Low back pain is a really common problem that we see. 85% of our population suffers with low back pain at some point in their lives. So it’s a pretty big club. That’s why we wanted to talk about it.

Low back pain is caused when one or more of the vertebrae, which are the bones in your back, get misaligned. That can happen through normal wear and tear. It could be lifting wrong, sleeping wrong or a number of things. When that happens, it’ll cause nerve interference. What I mean by that is just like a cell phone, if you have interference of the signal in your phone, you can’t make a call and it won’t send. It is very similar with your spine except but in this case you wind up with low back pain.

This can also start to radiate down into the leg. It can also even cause digestive problems and a number of other things. What a chiropractor would do is check your spine to see where those misalignments are and then put them back into the correct place to remove that pressure off the nerves. Then your pain decreases and then your body’s healing itself naturally without drugs or medicine. That’s pretty cool and chiropractic is the only thing that can do that for you.

If you’ve been suffering with a low back pain or you know somebody that has leave a comment below or give our office a call and we’d love to get you checked out!

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