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Dr. Dan’s vLog on Neck Pain

Hey everybody! My name is Dr. Daniel Roach. I own Hawk Ridge Family Chiropractic and today I wanted to talk a little bit about neck pain. It’s important because one in every three adults suffers from neck pain at any given time. So, a third of our population. First, I wanted to talk about what causes it.

Now, neck pain is something that a lot of people have and the issue comes from misalignments. In the neck you have bones that are called vertebrae. When those vertebrae, or one or more of them, become out of place or misaligned, it causes nerve interference. You may have heard the term subluxation before. When they’re misaligned, it causes pressure on the nerves that come from your neck. They go through the shoulder, down the arm, even into the shoulder blade area which you may have experienced before. Now when they come out of place like that or are misaligned, it causes nerve interference.

It’s a lot like when you’re trying to make a phone call or send a text and there’s interference of the signal there. The call and or the text gets dropped. Same thing happens with your neck. Whenever those nerves get interfered with or become pinched or irritated, the signals don’t send. As a result, you wind up with pain. So what a chiropractor does and where we are specifically trained is to remove that nerve interference by getting the vertebrae back into the right placement. When we do that, then your body heals itself, which is pretty cool anyway!

If you’re experiencing anything like that, neck pain or even headaches can result from that as well, or pain into the arm and down into the shoulder blade, this is a chiropractic issue and something that we can help you with.

We would love for you to place a comment below with questions about your pain, or let us know how chiropractic can help you!

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